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Join our Term 2 Bike Skills with Reconnect Riders Workshops!

Reconnect Riders Adventures
Why should I join the program?

Well honestly, why not?

The 'Riders' program is not just about going for rides. It is designed to be a fun, challenging and a rewarding experience, that challenges and supports riders of varying fitness levels and abilities .

The program has been designed to develop, not just the kids' riding skills, but them as individuals by improving their confidence, ability to work in teams, and work together to accomplish shared goals.

What level of experience do riders need to take part in the program?

The program is aimed at kids in Years 4 to 6 who have experience riding on 2 wheeled bikes without the aid of training wheels and have the ability to ride for extended periods of time (an hour).

If you have a child in Year 3 who is an enthusiastic and capable rider please let us know and we will happily include them in the program.

Please let us know if you have a child in the junior school who is beginning to learn how to ride a bike or wants to learn as we would love to run a junior program if there is enough interest.

The goals of the Reconnect Rider program are to:


- With fundamental riding skills
- The natural environment
- Their peers
- Healthy, physical activity


- Confidence in their riding abilities
- Ability to connect and work together as a team to achieve shared goals
- Balance, not just on the bikes, but in their life too
- Fitness levels


- Leadership skills
- Feelings of accomplishment
- Confidence in themselves

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