Why should you reconnect with the outdoors?

Each term Reconnect Outdoors will offer a range of Reconnection Adventures that will
provide students with the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a fun, safe and
supportive environment.

This is done through our three company pillars:


With Nature


The Balance


Positive Change

We believe in growing up in the outdoors,

experiencing the benefits of

an active, healthy mind.

Our team is committed to helping primary students reach a more balanced life. We understand the value of study and device – but all in moderation.

As children’s lives become more devoted to digital devices, their physical and mental wellbeing is deteriorating. Anxiety rates in children as young as 10, are now growing rapidly in correlation with school performance pressures and the overuse of digital devices.

These rates are what has inspired us to create Reconnect Outdoors. Providing fun, stress free adventures for children aged 10 to 12 to build confidence, camaraderie and a release from daily pressures.

The Benefits of Reconnecting with Nature

Source: 2016 National Tree Day Report Key Findings


  • Time in nature reduces a person’s chance of developing a range of diseases, including diabetes by 43%, cardiovascular disease and stroke by 37% and depression by 25%.
  • People living in green areas are 40% less likely to be overweight or obese.
  • Green’ offices reduce the need for sick leave by employees by 39%, through improvements in air quality and helping to lower stress.


  • 86% of Australians with a strong connection to nature consider themselves to be overall happy in life.
  • Nature induces positive feelings through a number of physiological mechanisms, including activating the brain’s dopamine reward system.


  • Students who take part in outdoor learning programs perform better in reading, writing, maths and science, with 77% of teachers reporting student improvement in standardised tests.
  • Employees in offices with indoor plants produce more ideas and original solutions to problems, increasing productivity by 17%


  • Just 10 minutes of relaxing outside is enough to significantly reduce blood pressure.
  • Outdoor activities reduce anxiety, tiredness and stress, and triple a person’s chance of having a restful night’s sleep.


  • A strong connection to nature makes people more likely to feel passionate about relationships with their friends and family

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