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Why should you reconnect with the outdoors?

Each term Reconnect Outdoors will offer a range of Reconnection Adventures that will
provide students with the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a fun, safe and
supportive environment.

This is done through our three company pillars:


With Nature


The Balance


Positive Change

We believe in growing up in the outdoors,

experiencing the benefits of

an active, healthy mind.

Our team is committed to helping primary students reach a more balanced life. We understand the value of study and device – but all in moderation.

As children’s lives become more devoted to digital devices, their physical and mental wellbeing is deteriorating. Anxiety rates in children as young as 10, are now growing rapidly in correlation with school performance pressures and the overuse of digital devices.

These rates are what has inspired us to create Reconnect Outdoors. Providing fun, stress free adventures for children aged 10 to 12 to build confidence, camaraderie and a release from daily pressures.

You’ve seen what we’re all about,

Why not meet our awesome team of adventure leaders?