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Reconnect Riders Report – 4 July 2017

By July 4, 2017July 28th, 2017No Comments


We watched Jane Bunn’s weather forecasts with trepidation and the Bureau of Meteorology had us reaching for our raincoats with all the indicators pointing to cold morning showers.
Thankfully Jane’s dire predictions of winter weather didn’t eventuate and we found ourselves been treated to warm winter sunshine and clear blue skies. There might not have been any rain today, but there was plenty of evidence of the decent soaking we got to day before, as we passed by swollen creeks, plunged through an endless network of puddles and mountains of mud.
The Reconnect Riders showed great endurance to power up the steep incline to the summit of ‘Tip Chook Lookout’ and the group happily gazed upon the tip chooks busily pecking at the ground below.
Other highlights of the adventure were:
  • Navigating our way through the maze of swamps and marshes while the frogs croaked beneath the broad walk
  • All riders displaying excellent bike control when heading down some challenging and slippery descents
  • The increased confidence, skill and fitness of all riders
  • The dramatic crossing of ‘Submarine Point’
  • Seeing the majestic tip chook flourishing in its natural environment
We all returned happy, tired and  very muddy! What more could want?
Can’t wait to do it all again on Thursday, when we next meet for our Reconnect Riders Adventure!


Average Speed
Elevation Gained
Calories Burned
Layers of MUD
Tip Chooks!

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