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Reconnect Literacy

Reconnect Literacy – Creative Writing Workshops

Ignite the Spark!

Reconnect Outdoors is excited to announce our Literacy adventure!

Our programs are designed to reconnect kids with the craft of writing and help foster a life long love of quality literature.

The engaging term-long program will take the young learner on a fun filled adventure through the amazing ‘World of Literacy’. The kids will develop and build their skills and abilities while instilling a life long love of reading and writing.

Why not join the Literacy adventure and ignite your spark?

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About our Literacy Program

Writing for purpose: We focus on what’s important to students, their needs, interests and passions.

We have a strong focus on thinking.

To us, writing IS thinking.

Everyone can think
 therefore everyone can write – and write well!

What makes us different?

  • We adopt an Inquiry-based approach to reading, 
writing and spelling
  • Linked to the Victorian Curriculum
  • Promote Learner Agency and a conceptual 
approach to all things literacy
  • The program is aimed at kids in Years 3 to 6.

Our Program Goals

  • Reconnect kids with quality literature and writing
  • Restoring the craft of writing and love of reading
  • Empowering young readers, writers and literacy warriors

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