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Reconnect Outdoors is excited to announce our Literacy adventure!

Our programs are designed to reconnect kids with the craft of writing and help foster a life long love of quality literature.

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About Our Literacy Adventures

About our Literacy Program

Writing for purpose: We focus on what’s important to students, their needs, interests and passions.
We have a strong focus on thinking. 
To us, writing IS thinking. Everyone can think
 therefore everyone can write - and write well!

What makes us different?

- We adopt an Inquiry-based approach to reading, 
writing and spelling
- Linked to the Victorian Curriculum
- Promote Learner Agency and a conceptual 
approach to all things literacy

Our Program Goals

- Reconnect kids with quality literature and writing
- Restoring the craft of writing and love of reading
- Empowering young readers, writers and literacy warriors

The written works by our Term 3 Literacy workshop participants are now on display at the Wheelers Hill Library! Don't miss the opportunity to read works by these exciting emerging writers!


After School Literacy Workshop

The engaging eight week program will take the young learner on a fun filled adventure through the amazing ‘World of Literacy’. The kids will develop and build their skills and abilities while instilling a life long love of reading and writing.

Why not join the Literacy adventure and ignite your spark?

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Skill & Age Level
  • The program is aimed at kids in Years 4 to 6.
Instructor to child ratio
All our programs have limited spaces available.
Not just to comply with industry standard, but to enhance the experience of each individual child.

Days & Times
  • Dates: Friday 11th October – Friday 29 November
  • Time: 4:15pm – 5:45pm
  • Location: Wheeler’s Hill Library
What to bring
This event is for the full 8-week program and includes all materials and your child’s own Reconnect Literacy notebook.