Reconnect with the Outdoors.

Reconnect with Each Other.

Reconnect Outdoors offers a range of School Incursions, Excursions and one-off adventures for kids across Melbourne. Our goal is to get kids outdoors again to create healthy and positive connections with nature.

School Incursions

We bring the outdoors into your school through our engaging nature-filled workshops

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School Workshops

From bike riding skills to nature building activities, enquire about our weekly after-school workshops

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Reconnect Literacy

Term 4 Literacy adventure is open for bookings! Our programs are designed to reconnect kids with the craft of writing and help foster a life long love of quality literature.

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reconnect kids with nature

We are School Incursion Experts

Looking for a new innovative, creative and engaging incursion to power your next unit of study? An incursion thats hands-on, engaging and delivered by experienced teachers? Fantastic! Look no further than the team at Reconnect Outdoors!

We are experts in

  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Learning through doing
  • Learner Agency
  • Promoting positive change
  • Thinking, acting, feeling and understanding

We are in the business of reconnecting kids with nature, restoring the balance in their lives and empowering positive change.

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School Incursions

Having a positive connection with nature and the outdoors has been proven to have a huge impact on the learning capabilities in children. It lowers stress, anxiety and can help promote feelings of inclusion and support.

Our primary and secondary school incursions use the outdoors to promote these skills in children, using the natural elements that surround them every day.

Discover our wide range of school incursion programs

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Reconnect – Restore – Empower

We believe in growing up in the outdoors, experiencing the benefits of an active, healthy mind.

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Why Reconnect? We'll show you hereWhy Reconnect? We'll show you here

After-School Workshops

Our programs are designed to reconnect kids with nature in positive and fun ways!

When you’re outdoors, with friends, you’re not only building positive experiences and memories, but teamwork, camaraderie and lifelong friendships. Our new After-School workshop adventures focus on nature at their core, with an emphasis to motivate kids to reconnect with the outdoors more often in the future.

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Reconnect Riders

Bike riding skills

Reconnect Breakers

Surf school

Reconnect Trekkers

Bush walking

Reconnect Literacy

Ignite the Spark!