Reconnect with the Outdoors.
With Each Other.

Our mission is to reconnect kids with the outdoors.
A holistic approach to promote health and well being.
Building confidence and connection.



Today’s modern society has been taking an extended hiatus from the natural world. Reconnect Outdoors is committed to reconnecting kids with nature, restoring the balance in their lives and empowering them to make positive changes to enhance their health and wellbeing.
Reconnect and find the spark!

Build Confidence

Physical activities promote personal confidence and sense of achievement.

Make Friends

Our adventure groups are intentionally small to ensure every member feels valued and can form genuine friendships

Improved Cognitive Retention

Studies show that physical exercise can increase cognitive retention, improving long term memory.

Create Healthy Habits

Developing healthy physical habits and interests in the primary school years is vital in impacting later years.

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